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Connect IP Camera To Drone Lightbridge - How?


We have recently purchased a commercial UAV and are considering attaching a Mobotix dual sensor M15D thermal camera to it to capture and record video. Video will transmitted back to the ground using a DJI Lightbridge. My question is, how would we interface the Mobotix camera with the HDMI input on the Lightbridge?



Drones aren't really my thing, but I think you're just all-around going about this completely wrong.

The mobotix M15D is really not that impressive as thermal cameras go. It's also kinda big and a little weighty. I would just use a FLIR Tau module or DRS Tamarisk module, you'll get a better image out of a smaller and lighter package.

The lightbride handles HD video, which is going to be on the order of 7-14x the resolution of a couple of thermal camera modules. Again, wrong tool for the job there are analog video transmitters that are cheaper and designed to work directly with the video feed from a simple thermal module.

Making the Mobotix camera work with the lightbridge is going to require some sort of IP->HDMI decoder/transcoder in the middle. That adds more weight and more power budget. You're going to have a flight time of 5 minutes.

Why do you want to use thermal cameras? Are you trying to do something that specifically revolves around thermal video? Do you need *live* thermal video, or can you put a small sd-card recorder on-board?

Thanks for your reply. We unfortunately haven't had a lot of experience with Mobotix thermal cameras, but we're told their the best in their price bracket (yet to see proof of this). Good to know that you aren't overly impressed with their performance.

The UAV itself can carry additional weight of up to 3kg's for a total flight time of 40 minutes.

Sorry for the confusion, we already own the Lightbridge for transmitting footage from a range of existing HD video cameras we use, it won't be purchased specially for this project. Although a live feed from the thermal lens is not necessarily required, if we had a second colour lens fitted in the Mobotix camera it would be preferred to view live video from it. As opposed to fitting a separate GoPro type camera for the live view.

Thermal is required for this particular job as we'll be conducting gas leak detection and detecting signs of metal fatigue on various structures/facilities within the Oil and Gas industry.

Matt, undisclosed was correct on many fronts. At FLIR we are often asked to provide a thermal device that becomes part of the UAV payload. Weight and power are always a concern. The application and anticipated environment will also determine if you need LWIR/MWIR/SWIR technology. These are also usually small quantity sales with a lot Of technical support and applications information up front. This division of FLIR can guide you. Greg