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What Are Your Typical Recording Settings?

Is there any good reference that shows a typical recording (or median or average) video profile for Live video stream and recording video stream in our industury for 32ch, 1080P IP camera deployment systems? Let's just assume there is enough storage space to use.

I hear a lot about the retention period, and network bandwidth, etc requirement, but not really sure about live/recording resolution/speed requirements. Sometimes, I see spec requiring 2MP, but not specifying recording resolutions or speed.

Any ideas? What are your typical settings in your 2MP IP systems?

Based on our surveys, I'd say industry average is 10fps, 1 month, motion based recording.

References: Average Frame Rate Used for Recording, Storage Duration for Surveillance and Surveillance Recording Mode Statistics

Btw, if you are using 1080p/10fps, I'd guess a bit rate of 1-2Mb/s though depending on camera type (see Advanced Camera Bandwidth Test Results), it could vary widely.

Finally, obviously what is right depends on what you are trying to do. I am merely talking about overall trends across integrators, not specific applications.

Most customers are happy with a month... But if you are in the retail world, you may want 3 months to be able to track the fraudulent transaction dispute from the credit card company...

Peter, in your case, you said let's assume there is enough storage space... If you are not concerned about Storage and have no need for remote viewing, you might as well record 30fps...

If you are looking for the most optimal settings that will help you save money on storage space and be able to transmit for remote viewing on a limited bandwidth, then i would strongly suggest looking for a VMS that supports dual stream in live and on playback...

Then you can make the recomendations to your customer to record 3 to 5fps on main stream and 10 to 15fps on substream...


For our use, I have found it pays to evaluate and analyze what any proposed camera(s) are capable of before deciding on camera settings. The differences beyween cameras can be quite significant. For instance, in our application, we require that every camera provide two 30fps streams: one TCP/IP Unicast for recording and one Multicast for live viewing.

Since we know that any camera we use will have to meet the above specs, any that don't are never used. After culling cameras that don't meet our basic specs, we then experiment with other settings: codec profile, bit rate, GOP size / I-frame interval, etc. to find the "sweet spot" that provides acceptable picture quality at minimum bit rate. This can also include any noise filtering and AGC settings required to minimize bit rate for the quality we desire.

I know it requires a lot of work and settings can vary by application and the cameras' environment but in the end, it's worth the effort.

I generally don't go any higher than 8FPS for recordings, unless the customer requests it. For live view I like to try and use a high FPS (20+) but a lower resolution, unless again, the customer really wants the full resolution on live view. And as also mentioned, I usually shoot for a month as the baseline.

Thank you for replies.

What I am seeing in the field is that, most of the time, live and recording video speed at 2MP is around 6~7ips. especially live in multiple layout. And it seemed to be a little too slow.

If your system supports multiple streams, you can do a live monitoring stream at a higher frame rate - 15fps or more - and a recorded video stream at 5 - 10fps.