Tyco, The Integrator, Releases Video Surveillance Line Holis

Well, this is puzzling.

The press release is from Tyco Integrated Security (TycoIS), who is the (spun out) commercial integrator.

It is not from Tyco Security Products, the division where their products typically come from (Intellex, CCURE, Exacq, etc.).

As they explain:

"Tyco Integrated Security, the industry's leading security systems integrator, announces a new video value line with the introduction of Holis -- low cost, commercial-grade IP video surveillance solutions designed specifically for this market."

For more information, the release encourages calling 1.888.882.7992. However, that goes to ADT, which is now a completely different company from TycoIS or Tyco Security Products.

But for all those manufacturers who dream about Tyco leading with their offering, that's going to get harder with Holis.

Of course, Holis, is most certainly a re-brand of some other product. Anyone know who?

At first I was going to say Dahua kits, but maybe Exacq's (another Tyco property) recent OEMing of Hikvision encoders inspired TycoIS to go Hik instead.

I'd be incredibly surprised if it were not one of these two.

US manufacturers would like to reiterate that Dahua sucks, unless you buy a relabeled version from them. Then, it's awesome.

Btw, the description in the Holis about page contradicts the press release: "Holis, from Tyco Security Products, provides network video recorder solutions."

Tyco tries to say the integrator and products businesses are different but here are they are either confused or implicitly acknowledging they are not.

The chassis and cams they are using in those pics are very Dahua-esq IMO. Doesn't mean someone didn't copy the style, just what I noticed.

Overheard at Tyco's office:

"No way we would ever use Dahua but let's make our own product look just like Dahua's. Got it? Do it."


Hard to say that the Tyco/Holis product is not Dahua.

Dahua Datasheet

Tyco/Holis Datasheet

Same everything on the datasheets. Right to the drawings at the end.

There are lots of entities walking around with the T-word on their business cards. Maybe the Tyco employees get just as confused as the rest of us. It is (apparently) a part of/related to Tyco-the-big-company, so the concept some exec somewhere has the capability to sign an OEM deal is not shocking, whether or not it's logical. If DVTel can import crap cameras from Asia why can't Tyco? Obviously it's considered a legitimate tactic by some.

We should be happy this is happening, it means Tyco is still acting fragmented. The longer they do that the longer they're unlikely to screw up Exaq.

"We should be happy this is happening, it means Tyco is still acting fragmented. The longer they do that the longer they're unlikely to screw up Exacq."

Rodney, always looking on the bright side of things! ;)

Just a quick question. Does anyone know if this is a product that other integrators can buy, or is this a Tyco-installed product only? It would make sense that they kept this as a TIS line if they never plan on selling it through distribution to other integrators. If their plan was to simply offer this as an effort to combat "trunk-slammers" by offering a similar product, then it would make sense not to offer it as a Tyco Security Product.

Jon, Here's an update, cross posted from our manufacturer tech roundup:

We first went to the Tyco Integrated Services booth - as they were the division that issued the press release announcing Hollis - but nobody knew anything about it. We then went to the Tyco Security Products booth and asked about Hollis - and after some discussion were passed to a manager who had some more information.

According to Tyco, Hollis was rolled out as an 'internal release' - which is why the Tyco IS people did not know about Hollis when asked. Tyco claims that the Hollis line will be a low-end complement to Exacq. The Hollis line is targeted at the very low level, small camera-count customer - those that can not afford the traditional channel. Tyco sees the Hollis line as a feeder system to their higher-end lines - as customers grow, they can be 'moved up' to one of their higher lines when they need more features and functionality.

So I believe you can now buy Dahua through Tyco. Enjoy! :)

So is it possible that this deal is the reason why Dauha opened a US office?

I don't know, but I suspect not.

Dahua's got lots of manufacturer customers in the US. I also suspect they'd also (one day) like to do what Hikvision is doing and have their own branded sales.

Tyco on what they are doing:

"The “Holis” camera line is OEM’d by Tyco Security Products for TycoIS."

So incredibly, Tyco Security Products OEMs this from Dahua, and then Tyco Security Products re-OEMs it to TycoIS.

Holis still exists and, 3 years from their strange launch, they have now launched tribid recorders.

Also, American Dynamics has quietly released HD-CVI HD analog cameras (max 1080p so they are previous generation cameras vs the 4MP and soon to be 4K cameras).

I just spent 30 minutes searching AD Site and Web, then here to see if These Holios are compatible with VideoEdge VMS....


Was hoping they were compatible and would offer the same 70% license advantage as the Milestone Article describes. Or with AD, normally they dont charge license fee for Illustra cameras, so would this apply for Holios and the AD HD Cameras?