Tyco Oems Eagle Eye Cloud Video

Tyco IS, the integrator, is OEMing Eagle Eye.

It is a good move for Eagle Eye who gets validation and access to Tyco's large customer base. For Tyco, it gives them a RMR play for the commercial market.

Interesting, considering the intra Tyco dynamic, where Tyco tends to favor using its own products (e.g., Exacq). Curious when Exacq adds a full cloud interface to their own offerings.

Integrators, with Tyco's selections, are you more or less interested in Eagle Eye?

See IPVM's full test results of Eagle Eye, which is a sold but fairly basic VMS offering (outside the cloud connectivity / recording).

Well this is good to know... so we can drop them as an offering. Because probably next step will be getting bought by Tyco. We've become a little dubious of Eagle Eye anyways when their own support people have never heard of tag cameras.

This does not serve as much of a surprise as Tyco has been OEM'ing Brivo's access control offering for many years. I'm sure that had a lot to do with them OEM'ing eagle eye's VMS as well since there is already a partnership in place with Brivo.

Brivo did pretty well when I worked for them with the 1-10 door market for access control. I don't think Eagle Eye has as strong a value proposition in the 1-16 camera market as Brivo has in the low-door count niche though.