Two Readers, Two Entities, One Parking Gate

I have a customer who has a parking garage where the main entrance is shared by both retail and condo residents. At this point the HID reader that the parking company uses is in place and as residents move in and out of the building, the parking company must update their database. The no longer want to have to do that and would like to add a separate access control system, and add a reader to the same gate arm. So in summary, two readers both controlling the opening up of a single parking garage arm.

Question is, do you know of any devices that handle this well? Iā€™d think there are some back voltage issues but I am not quite sure, including if this scenario is even possible.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Do you have a spec on the gate operator/parking arm?

Generally the interface between the controller/reader and the operator is just a set of simple contacts. When someone presents a valid card, the controller sends an impulse to the operator that kicks it in the pants and tells it to raise the arm (instead of a strike or maglock). In technology terms, this is really simple.

The question here is how many sets of input contacts the operator has available. Ideally, it has multiple sets (buttons, readers, ground loops, etc...) and you can just connect your new controller to one of those sets.


Thanks for the info. The existing reader is a MaxiProx 5375 and I'd like to duplicate that for the residential reader. There must be an issue with crosstalk if they are mounted too close together, do you know of a standard range they must be installed away from each other?

The 5375 readers themselves, or specifically their operational proximity to one another is specified "Two MaxiProx units can operate one meter apart for "HI-LO" (truck and car) installations."

Do you know what type of access control system you are going to use to control the gate arm?

Existing access control is Paxton which we'll tie in a wireless Nano Net2.

So are you confident with the connection between the new NanoNet2 and the gate operator? I just want to make sure your question gets answered completely... :)

Yes, thanks again!