TVI Or CVI Signal Booster?

Hi Guys,

Has anyone used a TVI or CVI signal booster? I have a client that wants to replace a camera 1500' away from the head-end, but only has one coax cable going to said location.

If there is any information, that would be much appreciated. Thanks very much!

limited applicability...

We have used SDI extenders with mixed results and they were powered extenders at that.

With TVI and CVI being newer, I wouldnt hold my breath or promise the world...

I believe AHD supports 500 meters.

I'm sure there is an analog booster that would work for CVI/TVI/AHD frequencies, and its probably relatively cheap. It makes it easier if you have power at the camera end, you can boost it coming in and going out.

But I haven't used any of them. On the other hand, you can run ethernet over coax with power at that distance. Since you say TVI or CVI, I assume you are not locked in to a transmission method.

I have used is a pair of NVT ec1701s, although for far shorter distance. They claim 2500 ft, and IPVM has tested them sucessfully to 2000.

You can also run up to 4 cameras at the drop, on the one cable, like so:

I believe CVI/TVI is limited to one camera per cable.

Down side is much more expensive, around $400 for a pair. If you are doing multiple cameras though it would be cheaper than running new.

Another thing is the image quality. Analog, regardless of boosting, degrades as a function of distance, so even if the signal is strong enough it will not be the same signal at the head end it was when it left the camera.

With digital encoding, if the signal can be kept strong enough, the signal should be an exact duplicate of that leaving the camera.

At these distances the difference could be considerable and quite apparent.

This. 100% this is your answer. Totally forgot abou that, but thats the way to go for reliability and video quality.

Btw, have you seen this one?

$50. Looks a little cheesy though.

I did see this unit... not sure how much I trust it.

Long story short, I will bite the bullet and use an Ethernet over Coax unit from Altronix. Maybe TVI will go further one day (with or without a booster), but I cannot justify a unit flaking out when the customer is paying good money for a PTZ.

Thanks for everyone's input!

Techpoint, the developer of TVI responded, suggesting "SC&T in Taiwan and SeeEyes in Korea". They said they are checking for others as well.

HDCVI provide a reliable transmission distance of more than 500m over 75-3 or similar coaxial cable by adaptive corrections of signal loss.