TV Monitoring Using RTSP From Hik NVR To Android TV Device + App?

We're looking at a residential project with 32 IP cameras that has a requirement to view the images on remote TVs throughout the estate. Each building requires a 'stand-alone' system and we plan on using Hik POE NVRs that will also be netwoked to support the Hik CMS at a managers cottage. We're thinking that the owner must be able to select the appropriate input and navigate through images (not CMS or NVR GUI) as desired with a programable remote.

Anybody with experience with the Andoid TV + app solution and RTSP streaming from an NVR that can comment on reliability and performance?

How did this situation turn out for you? Sounds like something I might run across and need all the information I can get.

Haven't had any real replies to this yet. Wont have to roll out a solution till 2017 so have plenty of time to work this out. Have seen lots of suggestions on similar thread.