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1200 Cameras Upgrade - Licensing Question

I just visited a large 1200 camera deployment. They are currently using analog cameras with some older legacy GE DVR’s. As part of their migration path, they have switched to a combination of two likely scenarios. One is to replace the DVR (upon failure) with a newer truVision DVR. The second scenario would be to replace the existing DVR with a new NVR (NVR 50) and install new IP cameras (assuming Interlogix).

My question is about licensing structure. The customer says that as long as they purchase Interlogix cameras, there is no license associated with it. If they choose to use third party cameras (Axis, Sony, Panasonic etc…) a license fee is associated. Is this true?

Also – I can only assume at that point that this is to obviously promote the use of the Interlogix cameras to recover that cost?

Anyone have specifics they can share?

I don't know Interlogix's licensing but, yes, that's a pretty common technique for 'solution' vendors to promote the sale of their cameras - i.e., buy their cameras, no license charge for their recorder / VMS, buy a competitor's camera, pay full price for the license.

Not for nothing, but a 1200 camera system should be looking for a more enterprise type solution, rather than maintaining a huge number of DVR/NVR/recorders, etc...

See the NVR 50's specs: "With a total of 80 Mbps available, the TVN 50 can support up to 32 cameras at 4CIF in real-time." That's terrible.

I spoke with Interlogix customer service and they said that there was no additional charge/fee for any cameras on the NVR50. It's just 1 price for the box, use up to 32 channels, regardless of whether it was an Interlogix camera or third party.

So for somewhere in the neighborhood of $3500 for the cost of the NVR, they can accommodate up to 32 cameras. $110 per camera and that includes the storage.

I believe their intent is to use 1.3 cameras so at 10fps, they can record in full resolution at 32 cameras. Also, in many of these locations (school district) they have fewer half.

The front end was enterprise(ish) as they are able to see all of the NVR's from one head-end PC.

He also mentioned paying only 650 per camera (vandal enclosure with IR illumination). That is a bit high compared to other similar cameras, but you have to factor licensing is not an issue.

What this really is, though, is Interlogix brand wrapped around a Hikvision/Dahua type solution. So it's inexpensive compared to Axis / Genetec but the products and features are literally like (or is) Hikvision / Dahua.

Indeed. I forgot to mention this is a school district. It records. It plays back. Those seem to be the only features these ISD’s are interested in these days. Tight budgets.

I believe you. If low cost is the priority and they don't care about premium features, then you might as well go straight Chinese and save even more (Unless they value paying a premium for the interlogix 'brand'

Try with Hikvision, you will have zero cost for licensing and big range of product all integrated as a system

Moreover you have an iVMS software only able to manage all together a huge range of DVRs, HVRs and NVRs, in thaïs way the migration will be smoth and not so expensive.

My Genetec-biased view would be to go with Genetec Security Center, with one caveat that the customer has any of the existing DVRs:


From those it makes the transition from existing hardware, to new hardware very easy. You can from day 1 integrate any of the existing DVRs natively into Security Center, and then as a DVR fails you can put in any manufacturer's (within reason) encoders, you can add a large range of different manufacturers cameras as specs and requirements change, and it gives you a platform that is really designed around managing large enterprise systems.

If their existing DVRs aren't any of those models, disregard part of what I laid out there.