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Tripwire/ Cross-Line Detection Outdoor


I need an intruder detection solution to be used in a wall that divides the penthouse of two neigbour buildings to avoid trespassing. The wall is around 150`long and I have some infrastructure problems to cover it with a active infrared system.

Does anybody know if IVA cross-line detection can deal with this situation? I am concerned about the fact that it´s an outdoor scene and the impacts of light variation along the day.

I am using Indigo Vision´s VMS, that as far as I know, does not support third party IVA engines.

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Ok John, but correct me if I am wrong:

If I choose the thermal cameras, they would have to come with embedded/edge analytics, be ONVIF and able to have its analytics alarms supported by Indigo. if they are not ONVIF, I would have to buy Indigo Camera Gateway.

It is important to mention that I cannot give away my Indigo VMS, once I already have more than 100 cameras connected to it. The question posted relates to a simple expansion of this system.

Carlos, that is exactly why we did not go with Indigo Vision – Thermal cameras are more affordable – See the AXIS new line, DRS Labs.

Good luck.


thanks for your help, but in fact, Indigo Vision does not support third party analytics engines, like the one you´ve suggested.

I can only use Indigo Vision "onboard" analytics. I cannot consider thermal cameras due to budget matters.

I was wondering if someone ever tested Indigo Vision analytics in the same conditions as mine. How about general tripwire/cross-line detection analytics behaviour in outdoor scenes?

Carlos, we use the VideoIQ Rialto units for our intrusion detection at my company. VIQ is quick and easy to install and they work well with Thermal cameras. Another option is the DVTel solution – they are great.