What IP Cameras Support Triple Streaming?

For a project I am looking for several IP cameras (fixed domes outdoor), all with triple streaming simultaneously:

Stream 1: 1080p, 15fps, H264

Stream 2: CIF, 15fps, H264

Stream 3: 1080p, 12fps, MJPEG

I seem unable to search for this in the camera finder tool, so hereby my question if such cameras exist. Most I can find only support dual stream or triple streams with less frame rates or resolution.

Also same question for ATM camera with pinhole.

Good question. We don't track this because manufacturer specs are often unclear / untrustworthy on multiple stream support. Almost all say they do support multiple streams but under what conditions is the issue.

There are a number of factors impacting this that are not trivial to spec / anticipate:

  • The scene being monitored. The more complex, the more computing load required, the less total streams.
  • Using camera side VMD or camera side analytics. The more of this being done, the more computing load required, the less total streams.
  • The type of streams being requested - the higher the frame rate, the higher the resolution, the more computing load required, the less total streams.

Do you have a preferred camera brand?

If you do, I'd start with testing a model from that one to verify that the exact combination you want can be handled. Watch for frame rate drops. Don't aim the camera at a white wall as that will severely underestimate the load need. If this is going to be outdoors aimed at an area with traffic, point it at such an area to get a realistic feel.

Samsung cameas can provide up to 10 unique streams.

Higher end Hikvision cameras have triple stream.

Higher end Panasonic cameras support 4 stream.

Again, I will emphasize to actually test one's combinations on the cameras one intends to deploy.

For example, B, are you saying the new Lite Samsung's support 10 unique streams? And are you saying that on those Lite cameras, you can have any combination of settings, with 10 unique streams, with motion detection enabled, pointed at a busy scene?

Thanks. I should clarify.

The WiseNet Lite are so new, I was NOT referring to them. They can do different 3 streams, but I am not sure about their resolutions and framerates.

For the WiseNet III series, you can have many streams. I checked, and it looks like 5fps is the max for MJPEG at 1920x1080...

B, thanks. For WiseNet III, does that mean you cannot do multiple streams if one of them is MJPEG 1080p at 12fps, is that correct?

You can create higher than 5fps in MJPEG. You need to make sure the profile is not the "event" profile, then you can go up to 15fps.

And 16fps or 17fps 1080p MJPEG, how about that?

ISD/Digital Watchdog "CaaS" cameras can support up to 8x independent streams at full FPS (or less) and in either H.264 or JPG mode.

Who was it that said "trust but verify" LOL

Dahua website link

From the spec sheets, it appears that the Dahua 8300 series cameras support what you are asking for, however I don't have one to verify.

Try Bosch range of IP cameras. They have triple streaming on your specified parameters .

[Note: Poster is from DVTel]

The DVTEL 4K Mini-dome/Bullet supports four concurrent streams of 4K+1080p+720p+D1@15FPS (MJPEG stream up to 1080p).