How Do I Trigger Recording And Email With Driveway Sensor?

Does anyone know how I can trigger recording and email notification using a driveway sensor? The sensor will be located about 600' away from DVR and will need to cover a 100' gravel entrance. The customer wants to be alerted when a vehicle enters his property during certain hours. This is the only way I can think to do it but I don't know the parts and setup I need to use. Any thoughts or previous attempts at this?

Check Optex 2000

Yup - Dakota Alert MAPS BS KIT with relay output wired to Axis cam input and then an event rule. Works great.

I like this unit however I'm not sure it will work in my application. Issue #1: the sensor is battery powered? Is there a way to power it otherwise for reliablity? Issue #2: the entrance is 100' wide. These issues are really where I'm stuck.

Just so it's clear - do you need the remote triggering to happen through the DVR, or is a totally seperate system acceptable?

It is not neccessary to trigger through the DVR. Just looking for a cost affective way of notifying the customer when someone drives into his farm. It will need to be able to communicate the alert to his cell phone. I had initially thought about connecting the system into an alarm panel but he is not interested in monthly monitoring. I just thought that since the DVR has some function for this I would look into it.

Great, thanks. What is the make/model of the DVR?

Alibi NVR3008 (Hikvision)

Check out Mier Products, made in Kokomo Indiana, and have 1,000's installed in pharmacy drive ups in the US..... Another company with some great options is EMX.... Made in Cleveland Ohio...

The sensitivity of these loop detectors can be adjusted... As for cell phone notification, you need a cellular M2M data device capable of sending text messages. (some low cost M2M services restrict texting)

Given the environment, I'd strong recommend deciding on one of these detectors that also has a N/O dry contacts, that can be used to power on a light, and or noise maker....

Cameras don't deter becuase you can't see em, but a bright light, and loud noise turns a lot of would be pranksters / or common thiefs away.

EMX looks like a really good product. And I had not thought of a loop. I was stuck on the magnetic probe which I don't think will cover a 100' wide entrance. Do you know if a loop would be feasible for that wide of an area?

If you have a camera covering the area where the detecter will be located I think it would be a good idea to use the email feature of the NVR. This way you can have a image of the object send and not just a message that the senser was triggered.

Not sure how big a loop can be, or if multiple loops can be in series on the same leg... I'd let EMX support answer that one, and report back for all. If you don't have telephone lines or data, buy a PitBoss Cellular basement water alert, and for less than $50 you can have email alerts for 2 areas (simple contact closures)

How about good old fashion light beams? I've used optex/pulnex/takex devices in this type of application. How are you handling power? Trenching/Solar? I do like the idea of camera sending the shot. The possibility of motion detect falsing over 100 feet does exist.


This is easy enough.

You need a battery or solar point to point beams. I recommend Takex battery powered beams(2 year battery life). You will need to add a transmitter in the beams and a receiver at the DVR / NVR. A HDCVI DVR from Dahua with Push Alarm enabled.


Takex beam is broken > Alarm signal sent from beam to receiver at DVR > Alarm received at DVR triggers Push Alarm to mobile app! Mobile App receives and displays alarm with video of what caused the alarm.

With Dahua app you can enable / disable alarm triggers. You can “schedule” the alarms, you can easily add audio, i.e. tell the guy in the blue hoodie to get off your property and that you have notified the local police force!

The better DVR / NVR’s have alarm inputs / push alarm and two way audio. Plus more, like activate lights, or a local siren,

Sorry I have not included the part numbers of the equipment required, I don’t want to make it too easy for my competitors but if you PM me I will tell you what I use.



Thanks for you thoughts Jim. Sounds like you have the right plan. The NVR on site does have 16 alarm I/O and I have used them on other projects for notifications. I guess my biggest obstacle on this was the distance that needed to be covered and I think the Takex beams may be the way to go. I have never used them, will the built in relay trigger the NVR?

How do I PM you Jim?

If you email me at, I'll forward your message to Jim. Thanks!

Jim - I like your comments. I'm looking for the talk down feature you describe. What product would you recommend for the one or two way or pre recorded audio?

thanks Greg

Hi Greg, What I use is based on the users requirments. One or two way or prerecorded audio.

For the talk to site I use Dahua, there app makes this easy. For audio I add 30W or 60W 100v line amplifiers with 100v line horn speakers.


Greg, what are you trying to do? Many cameras have built in audio. Some have both inbound and outbound capabilities. Use the built in mic for inbound, add an amplified speaker for outbound.

Otherwise, there are a number of voice alarm modules available. For one way outbound pre-recorded audio, and quality is not of great concern, directly driving a speaker or horn, I use the ELK-120. This module shouldn't be used into an overhead sound system or reamplified, the relative quality doesn't sound real good.

For high quality needs, I use the TOA voice module into a TOA amplifier or a Neltech messager. Those devices can play a very high quality voice message for evac or alarm purposes. At one customer we play a midnight chime and "good evening" message on the sound system to verify the emergency sound system and the associated equipment is working.

For two way communications, the new Axis speaker may work - never used one ( ) - Products by Valcom and Bogen have devices for ip based or traditional analog interface. Those manufacturers I've used; they work well when used in the proper application.

Chuck - I see that I never thanked you for your information. We have an elk that we tested and will look at the other two. Thanks for your help!

Your welcome... How about an update on your project? What did you do to satisfy the need?

Does that 100' wide gravel entrance stay 100' wide the entire distance of the drive?
If so, how far is this from the main roadway, and how narrow does it become?
If so, at this narrower point can a car drive around this choke point by going into the grass?
Does this entryway transition from gravel to asphalt or concrete?
Does the homeowner presently have internet services?

This is likely a good topic to discuss seperate from this thread, but some time ago, broadband carriers began blocking the standard SMTP mail ports 25, and many devices do not support alternative ports and ssl encryptions. Additionally, many inbound mail services will see the source IP, and the source/destination email addresses and see a complete mismatch and simply reject the incoming mail.

The driveway is 100' wide at its narrowest point and it is gravel. I think with heavy trucks/tractors over time would damage a loop. I think the long range beams are perfect for this as they will also detect persons. Now just to plan the wiring from the sensors to the NVR which should be straight forward.

There is not internet at the site but we are going to "shoot" it there with 5.8ghz from his house (3/4 mile shot).