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How Can I Transcode Existing IP Cameras Into H.265?

I'm interested in getting opinions of products that use well known camera brands and transcode it into HEVC for recording or further distribution. it could be a vms a stand alone streamer or a SDK/library to integrate into existing products.

The result should be a several HEVC video streams. The idea is avoiding to replace a big installation of cameras. Instead we are looking into powerful transcoding server.

Thanks in Advance


PS:Please feel free to comment or sugest a different approach for the problem

What's your primary goal here? To reduce storage space needed or? Save on storage costs?

Main issue here is low bandwidth environment. Recording server and cameras are on a 1gb lan. Hq Monitoring facilities are connected through regular isp (sometimes even adsl o regular cable links. Any improvement on Bandwith usage makes sense as is not always about the money but mostly that certain locations do have the infrastructure.


There are many existing solutions to lowering bandwidth requirements for remote viewing / remote monitoring facilities (e.g., Ocularis X, Genetec Transcoding (Wink Forge), VMS Remote Monitoring Tested).

I know H.265 is hot right now but there are well established options to lowering bandwidth for remote monitoring.

Free H.265 HEVC Cloud Transcoding

Edit: Just saw your bandwidth constraint, so may not help.

You need a codec that uses GPU to transcode. H.265 takes a lot of resources. You will not get many streams out of software. Talk to Main Concept or Vanguard for their codecs.

There is also work being done on ffmpeg that will enable you to use Wowza or your own build. With ffmpeg there are some VMS that use it as their main back end encoding architecture. So you might be able to make a soft encoder VMS use hardware by swapping ffmpeg and manually tweaking the codec settings.

Thanks a lot Bob and everyone for their sugestions. I was aware about the FFmpeg and the main concept codec but thought that perhaps they were other hardware/software products that could be used.

I will go back to WoZA once again to see how to implement it.
Will keep you posted and will explore the GPU sugestion.