Who Does Training On Wireless / RF?

Hello, I hope I have not asked this in the past.... but...

Yesterday the boss asked me to try to find some training classes for our installers.

We need to train them on using RF Radios.

I called engenius... which is what we are using...

[Update: Engenius does have options]

Any suggestions?

Can I delete this post?

Engenius actually wrote me back!
It looks like they do have some options now.
When I called them before they did not...

Kenny, I updated your original comment to make clear that Engenius has training.

If you don't mind, I'd like to keep it as it is a good general discussion, and we might have recommendations for other wireless training options.

What does Engenuis offer? Classroom training? Online?

They have onsite.... but they have have their high level / engineer class scheduled through the end of the year. They had a beginner class listed but none scheduled at all.

They also have ONLINE training.
I am not sure how good it is yet because they are still setting up my account but she said it covers all the basics.

Ubiquiti is the best equipment have used for this...Great pricing for top notch product...


MANY issues with Engenius in the past in terms of product...

Good luck..

Have you taken any of the Ubiquiti training? If so, is it decent?

I have been using their stuff for a little while and like it but thought with the super pricing that community support/forum support was it.


I have not taken it however they have on line as well as in person training see the link...

If I want to do an online class do I still need to sign up as though I will be doing in class training? The site is directing me to the calendar page?


what part of the US are you in? I would recommend a class w/ the Luxul trainers, if they have a class in your area...hands-on and very informative.

disclosure: I am a rep for Luxul

Hello, we are West Monroe, LA.

We have been using Engenuis.

Are these products similar in quality and cost?

Do you have a rep in our area?
Or in our state at all?


Funny...I know the guys*! Will you be attending the LLSSA Convention in two weeks? I'll be there.

Contact info:

Ernie Quintana (North Louisiana)


Kyle Seay* (South Louisiana)


*Thats me.

Hey man! What guys do you know? The ones from LUXUL?

I wont be attending but we may have someone down there.

Do you represent an RF radio product?

We would love to find some good training in our state or close to home.

We have been using the radios for a few years... but we want to learn more about RF... also we have some new guys who could stand some professional RF training.

Send me an email with your contact info:


We had to install 10 Engenius AC radios. Followed the instructions for an older product on their youtube channel and the radios worked. Tech support was helpful and easy to reach. They are a little bit more expensive than ubiquiti. I liked the fact they have a second POE compliant (af) port, no need for a switch if you only have one camera to link.

If you want it decent and manufacturer independant then you need to take a look at CWNP: https://www.cwnp.com/

Disclosure - I am a Siklu employee

Siklu offers a range of millimeter Wave wireless RF training courses around the country, including both live online as well as classroom led certification training. This training is free to certified partners who are installing Siklu radios as part of a project.

YouTube videos are also available on how to install V-Band (60GHz) and E-Band (70/80GHz) radios (not posting on here without the consent of IPVM).


Alex Doorduyn


Agree with Gert Molkens... CWNA will be the best option covering wi-fi in depth for both RF and infrastructure topics.