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Traffic Jams, Traffic Knowledge

It is probably me, however COVID seems to be slowing down IPVM.

In regards to responses from the subscriber base, not the general consensus, reports or regular updates.

All of you, look at the response criteria that you have been involved with in the last 60 days. Ask yourself if you are original or is your response unique? Are you case building false narratives while you sit on your own fence?

Account for all the basic trending logic available in the google-verse...what can we do with it?

...let's look at our own first responders...IPVMers that constantly choke obviously obvious criteria with only a current 2020 synopsis.

Let's keep it even. Are you high as me?

Do I need to grow a beard to work as a technician at IPVM.

Will those current IPVM reporters soon report on the IPVM?

Even if the gates close there is no need for shunning a perfect sunshine amongst our thought provoking bovines.

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