What VMSes Log PTZ Actions?

Do VMSs monitor when a user moves or changes an IP ptz setting thru the cameras web interface? How about thru the VMS client software (Genetec, Milestone, Exacq, Avigilon ect)? I dont think there is a way tomonitor the web interface, but i could be wrong.

What do you mean by 'monitor'? Do you mean they log the changes in positions of the PTZ or?

When a VMS client is used, at least in the case of (old)ONSSI/Milestone, a log entry is generated. From what I've seen, pretty much every communication is logged.

I doubt that there would be anything logged if the cameras webpage was being used since this would require the camera to tell the VMS somehow.

You could just set a motion event on the video stream. Although usually pointless for PTZs, in this case it might be what you want.

By monitor I mean able to generate a report on what user moved a ptz out of its normal tour. This could be preset changes, dwell times or just moving it to another view.

A, thanks. I changed the discussion title to "What VMSes Log PTZ Actions?"

Let's see what they have to say. VMS reps, if you do this, please comment, explain how and how granular your tracking is.

you can create a rule in ACC5 to send an email when the ptz moves... is that what you are looking to do?

Undisclosed A, IPConfigure does report on web-based user interface interactions (see below). PTZ commands are not currently reported but something to consider. I'm not sure what the protocol is for posting contact info here but John can provide if you would like to discuss.

IPConfigure ESM User Log

...IPConfigure does report on web-based user interface interactions.

But not ones from the "camera's web interface", right? Meaning thru the mfr. supplied browser plug-in that comes with the camera.

Undisclosed B, you are correct.


Digifort will log every time a user has moved a PTZ camera and every action will be recorded in the system Audit log which can be further searched by keywords such as the camera name. So you would type the camera name and the system will return everything that happened to it (such as every user that has viewed the camera or moved it by using the PTZ)