How Can I Track DVRs / NVRs With A Service Tag?

Hello, does anyone have a good solution for tracking hardware?
I am looking for some type of labeling system where we could put a label on each DVR or NVR with a customer number on it...

Like a DELL service tag...

Then we could easily look up that device in the software and see what service has been done to it, who the customer is, etc etc.

Any ideas on this?

Hi Kenny, for any IP equipment, you could just track the MAC address of the Ethernet port as it should be unique to that device. You'd need a different system for analog cameras but most of them probably have manufacturer serial numbers which you could record. This would save having to create your own service tag system. I also take photos of MAC addresses and serial numbers of equipment I supply to customers in case I make a transcription error in my records.

I've seen companies use QR Codes for this application.

They stick a QR Code sticker on a unit, and then that particular code references a specific web page on their Intranet that includes job notes.

When a tech does a service call, the first thing they do is scan the code, and it takes them to a full history of service calls or maintenance done to the system. It also may include things like serial numbers, maps where system equipment is installed, and tech support numbers and passwords.

Though in the case of that specific QR code, it looks like just the catch-all /support.html page is encoded, which ironically no longer exists on their server.

Of course they could have encoded a serialized element directly in the URI; in that case a human readable version of the number should also be printed, for the QR challenged...

Kenny. What you are looking for is an "iventory control" system. Many business (and particuarly institutions) use this method for tracking their property. Buy the app, a printer, and a scanner (if you want to go big time). Log into it and your folks could have all the history of the device at their fingertips. Probably can use a scanning app that can view a sticker image on the item, then search your database for the info.

Also, helps with theft and taxes (i believe that is redundant) and inventory of your tools and equipment. You can run an equipment aging report on everything (tools, equipment... your kids!) for taxes and simply to keep track of things.

Pretty cool and easy to set up. Most of all, this stuff has been around for years...