Tough Q2 For Exacq? New Discounts For Immediate Purchases

Evidently, free VMS licenses are not enough.

2015 is shaping up to be a tough year for (non-Chinese) video surveillance manufacturers across the board.

Exacq has just launched new aggressive discounts, as shown below:

An additional 3-5% off, on top of regular dealer discounts and the free VMS license offer, is quite a combination.

And with their sales director quitting, it has been quite the quarter for Exacq.

We do not recall seeing anything like this from Exacq previously.

The problem with these discounts, free licenses, giveaways, contests, etc. is that they never go away. The dealer base gets conditioned to wait on orders (who can blame them?).

That's the problem for the next quarter and the next sales manager :)

That said, I agree there's risk in relying on such measures.

Anixter is pretty aggressively promoting this: