IFSEC Top 50 Most Influential People In Security And Fire 2015

Results are in and they even used one of my quotes for John! Congratulations on cracking the top 50.
TOP 50

Giving it a quick overview (checking titles) it looks like majority of folks on the list might even be legit. Next year I will try to make it on the list just to check how legit it actually is.....

I nominated the ONVIF Austin Powers and got shunned.


Schneier's acceptance speech is hilarious.

That is fantastic. So maybe this list is 50% legit?

Bah. I'm still not on the list.

OK, next year we do what we can to get Ari on the list. Preferably a number higher than John’s because it would be funny to watch you hold that over him….

Fess up Ross, were you the "voice of sanity" or the "light to closed doors" quote? :)

Neither one of those were mine actually. My vocabulary is not so highfalutin! Mine was the one that ended with "junk".

This is such shameless and worthless clickbait. Please don't feed this.

Oh, I am feeding it man! I am jumping in with both feet. Going to make a couple web sites to start getting Ari's name out there for next year.

The official newsletter of ISC Europe made one man so mad. What he did next will suprise you!

I don't care to belong to any club that will have me as a member - Groucho Marx

It wasn't my quotes but I did vote.