To Husky Or Not To Husky - That Is The Question

Anyone with Milestone Husky(s) in place think they are worth it? Any drawbacks to consider? We're thinking of using a 50 for a low security corrections facility ( 20 cams) and weighing pros and cons.

We have installed a handful of the M30s. The hardware has been solid, no problems so far (about a year old currently). We don't spec them very often because the price doesn't become competitive until you get to mid-size projects that require the Professional level software. For smaller camera counts it is more cost effective to use Express and a 3rd party PC. I would guess 20 cameras on an M50 is going to be more expensive than other options, but, if it fits the budget, I don't see much of a downside. And Professional may be the right choice for this environment. If you add channel licenses beyond what it comes with, 3 years of CARE/SUP are automatically included, so channel licenses are a little more expensive than standard Professional licenses. But less then a standard license plus 3 years CARE/SUP.

What equivalent version of Miilestone's VMS is running on the Husky units?

The M30 & M50 come with Professional. The M50 Advanced comes with Corporate.

So they really act like a COTS server running Professional? No surprises? Just ordered my first M30 and am waiting for it to arrive. With the M30 you would wish for local client viewing capabilities since they are for small projects but I suppose they don't have enough processing power.

No suprises, except maybe the form factor. I'm sure you have seen pictures online, but until you get it in hand, it is a little hard to comprehend exactly what it is. While the M50 is a rack mount server, the M30 has a chassis unlike any other computer I have worked with. It is a squat square, with a big aluminum top that makes it feel very solid. It is attractive, but does not look like hard drive replacements would be very easy (But I could be wrong. Fortunately, I haven't had to try.). Between its heft and the big rubber pad on the bottom, you could probably set it on your dashboard and have it stay in one place.

David, for an M50, how much storage are you looking at? Have you gotten a quote on a similarly spec'd Dell or HP box? Be curious to see how they compare in price.

Thanks for the comments Dan - John we're looking at external storage around 30TB and we are also pricing a Dell box - I guess our main query was is the Husky worth it when you consider the preloaded Milestone app and lack of bloatware and other undesirables that we routinely have to get rid of? Minimising setup time and not forgetting something important has obvious value and I guess this exercise will quantify that. We are on an island as well with multi-day shipping time to consider when facturing in device reliability.

I think one of the biggest benefits of Husky is from a risk management perspective. Milestone is going to be more motivated / capable of solving problems with their own hardware than with others (plus the 3 years of support/upgrades they include). Considering you are on an island, I can see the benefit of that.

...we are also pricing a Dell box

Is the 4hr onsite Dell support available on this particular island?

That might be extra convenient, if so.