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TKH Security And Siqura Network Cameras. What Do You Know?

I stumbled on to this line of cameras that looks quite compelling since they have the ability to accept an SFP right into the camera.  That would save me a ton of time doing analog to IP conversion.  Are these guys another company buying white box cameras from China or are they a legit manufacturer that I should look at more seriously?


The silence on this is worrisome!   Is it that bad?

TKH was previously another company and primarily in the traffic industry where having an SFP was desired/required by specification.

I never knew them but knew people who worked there. 

Historically, TKH has been a legitimate manufacturer. We have not stayed current with them over the past few years but we know a senior contact there and are setting up a call to get you more information.

We have a long relationship with TKH and partnered with them on a large installation in Africa. The products work well but the VDG Recorders and VMS is not user or installer friendly. They are Netherlands based and do have manufacturing capabilities although some of their cameras are clearly Mastercolor models being re-branded. Great leadership structure from the corporate side. Most of the brands offered under this group come by way of acquisition, VDG, KeyProcessor, Optellicom...They recently acquired a large stake in Commend. All in all, solid group that in my experience stands behind its products. 

To Undisclosed Integrator #1, I am the Managing Director for TKH Security Solutions USA Inc. We are formerly Optelecom here in the US and were an early pioneer in the transmission of video over analog and fiber. We have a strong background in fiber transmission products and we are one of the only camera manufacturers today that offers an IP camera with SFP interface. These specific IP cameras with SFP interface are manufactured in our headquarters in the Netherlands. I would love to speak to you more about how these cameras can save you time and money, please reach out to me directly at or 617.599.2571. Thanks, Steve

We did a brief update call with TKH. 

Short summary: part of a Dutch company with ~$1B in total revenue across multiple brands and industries. Among their security products, TKH acquired Optelecom in 2005, and Siqura in 2012. There were other acquisitions as well, the overall result being a lot of brands under TKH, causing some branding confusion. These products are in the process of being rebranded as TKH Security Solutions.

Their product portfolio is made up of in-house designed/built products, as well as some OEM/ODM products. TKH provided the following list that breaks down their major products/categories, including the fiber cameras and products that were the initial comment of this discussion:



All 800 and 360 series (except for 840) – Developed in Netherlands with ODM/OEM partners

600 series – designed and manufactured in the Netherlands

840 – designed and manufactured in the Netherlands

1000 and 1100 series – Developed in Netherlands with ODM/OEM partners

TrafficPTZ Ultimo – designed and manufactured in the Netherlands

TunnelCam Ultimo – designed and manufactured in the Netherlands

MultiCam Ultimate – designed and manufactured in the Netherlands

TC620-PID/TC840R1 – designed and manufactured in the Netherlands

Safe Area – Developed in Netherlands with ODM/OEM partners


C-series/S-series/EVE – designed and manufactured in the Netherlands

Video over Fiber

9000 Series – designed and manufactured in Germantown, MD

Network Switches/Media Convertors – OEM Taiwan 


Sense – designed and developed in the Netherlands

Access Control:

FORE!/iProtect – designed and manufactured in the Netherlands

Intrusion Detection:

Alphatronics – designed and manufactured in the Netherlands



We have a customer (city traffic dept.) that has used Siqura in the past. I've never installed them personally but I've seen enough of them to know not to mess with them if you don't have to. The interface is a bit outdated and the process to update the firmware was a bit of a nightmare. Maybe that has changed though, not sure. I believe Siqura is mainly marketed at traffic services. 

They also didn't play nice with our OnSSI system, but after some tweaking and help from support we got them to connect, but not without hours of troubleshooting.


Hi Harrison, Steve Gorski, Managing Director of TKH replying to you. I think it may have been awhile since you last looked at our product line. Our interface is very intuitive and easy to navigate and the firmware upgrade process is very straightforward. We do support and work quite well with ONSSI so would love to provide you an update on our products and solutions. let me know if you would be interested, thanks. Steve

Thanks for the response Steve. My experience was based off old Siqura cameras, that may be around 10 years old by now (just guessing). We took over a customer that previously had them installed but had moved on to a different solution. Glad to hear about the firmware and OnSSI integration.


so it's SFP for IP (not replacing coax analog with fiber analog);  p.s. not obvious from the website which ("new!") camera has SFP.

Still old fashioned - the box camera designs, the mis-use of the term "interoperability" to mean "see how many proprietary VMS'  we can code for".  No evidence of OnVIF support for example.  


@Rodney, yes, it is a pure IP connection from camera to switch.  If you look under Promotional Material on our website, we have a Migration to IP brochure which gives a better description of the technology.

Point taken about easily seeing which camera(s) support SFP - will look to improve visibility of this.  At this time we have the HSD820v2H3 PTZ dome, FD820M1IR fixed dome camera and BC820 box camera, but are looking to include this technology in additional cameras like our 1103 PTZ, fixed dome and box cameras.

While it may seem old fashioned, there is still market demand for box cameras both in Europe and Central/South America for us, so we must provide a solution.  And yes, all of our cameras are at least ONVIF Profile S conformant, and our 1004 and 1103 lines are Profile G compliant as well.

I have 2 Siqura cameras in my office for testing right now.  They do support ONVIF, but the SFP's did not work with our Cisco switches.  Their support staff says HP switches also have trouble with them, but I do not have one in my office to prove or disprove that.  We also have some Trendnet, Comnet and Netgear stuff in the field, but I have not had a chance to test with them yet.  They do offer their own managed switch with all SFP slots, which might be an easier/ smarter way to move forward with a large scale migration.   

Since we have a fairly large inventory of analog cameras that need to be migrated, this seemed like a reasonable and cost effective way to accomplish it.  We use nearly all American Dynamics NVR's integrated with the Victor VMS, and these two cameras have worked well (one box, one PTZ) so far. 



It's mainly OEM

Hello All,

My name is Bill Plunkett, and I'm the East Coast RSM for the Commercial Integrated Security market, and Marine, Oil & Gas markets for TKH Security Solutions.  If you operate in these markets and would like to learn about our numerous solutions, please call my cell 703-344-5302 or email



Our institution's Parking and Transportation Services office is looking into a parking management system that uses the FD820M1IR camera.  We use Genetec for our overall security camera and access control.  I don't see TKH or Security Solutions on the list of Genetec supported devices.  Our network security concerns dictate that we won't install anything that is a Hikvision manufactured camera.  I understand that some TKH cameras either are or were possibly Hikvision made.  While the FD820M1IR looks like a very well featured camera I don't want to let them proceed if they are going to run into problems with Genetec (or our network) compatibility.

Short and to the point:

Who is the manufacturer of the FD820M1IR?

Thank you,

James Gowan


The camera is listed under Siqura (who was acquired by TKH), and here are the different versions of that camera supported by Genetec, and the version of Security Center required:

Just be careful which of their model#'s you purchase, only a few of their cameras are HikVision.

I had a catch up call with them yesterday for other things but I asked about this camera model and clarified it is not Chinese made.