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Tips And Ideas On How To Monitor Cameras In A Milestone Corporate Through Axis One-Click Component?


We are hosting a Milestone Corporate with Axis One Click component and i am looking for tips or ideás on how to best monitor that the cameras are online. (The cameras are installed off site in different locations)

My dreamsenario is

-When a new camera is added it autmaticly set up the monitoring of the camera

-Easely be able to pause the monitor of a specifis camera for a set period of time (ex pause for a day)

-Be able to have some kind of daschboard to see the status of all cameras

-If a camera is offline for more than 10 minutes it triggers an email and shows status changes on the daschboard

I have tried using Milestones "System Monitor" that is ticking all the boxes but it is very buggy and not working Ok, Milestone have claimed for years that they sholud rebuild it, but they never do and its not compatible when using Axis Zipstream and dynamic FPS.

I altso tried using a snmp software (PRTG) but its kind of messy to add everytime a camera is added, and i had some issues from some of the recordingservers when trying to monitor the camera thrue the Axis One Click Proxy

And to us a rule in milestone using "device communication error" is not working well, beaqouse it will trigger an alarm when a device is in error for more than 45 seconds, and we have alot of cameras so i am looking to get an alarm if a device have been offline for more than 10minutes

Anyt tips are welcomed



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