Times Are Tough When You Have To Sell Your Race Cars

Looks like Dedicated Micros is selling the family silver:

Much like DM's CCTV range many of the items on sale seem a little overpriced.

ice cold

Sean's assessment of it's pricing might make it the first DM item to marketed at close to it's actual market value. Jus' sayin'.

you there are a few websites you can buy used F1 cars that are around the same or a bit more then that. seems to be in the ball park for what it is selling.

£250,000 - is that a good deal?

Well, It's more than *I* have ever paid for a race car.

Considering the used suspension is 12000 quid... 250 grand sounds about right.

[Background of DM's decline.]


Video of what you can get:

£250,000 - is that a good deal?