Is It Time For Me To Start Selling Hikvision?

Ok is it time to start selling Hikvision? Lost 4 projects to an electrician and 2 to an alarm installer in the past two months. I'm recommending Axis M and P series cameras with Axis Camera Companion and Netgear Poe switches, their recommending Hikvision IP cameras with Hikvision Poe NVRs. Side note both use ADI for materials. Our install quotes are about the same but the Axis cameras is where their beating us Typical install for us is 6-14 cameras mainly small manufacturing, warehouses, commercial businesses and some residential.

Searched and read all articles on IPVM including camera comparison (the price difference is unbelievable for a camera similar to Axis), it seems Hikvision has a product and price point that should be considered. Others in the discussions and surveys have stated they switched.

I'm thinking of quoting two quotes for each job, one Axis for their quality and dependability, one for Hikvision for price. Is this crazy or should I just quote one or the other?

The other option was going to have the client pay for the materials (cameras, switches, and cabling) I would absorb the immediate cost of labor and incorporate it into a service contract for a period of 3 years. Every three months we clean, adjust, and update firmware if needed. So why not spread that cost out over three years. The contract would have to, I want to say the cameras and all other equipment are the property of the contractor for the three year period. Just think or typing out loud.

Any thoughts?

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