"Time Sync" Function In Video Management Software

How can we implement "Time synchronization" function to set date & time of Video Management Software in all IP cameras?

Can anyone suggest?

Hi John,

Thank you for this information.

Sync date & time of all the cameras & VMS with a NTP server is good idea, but it will give pain when more cameras are connected (i.e. 50 or 100) with VMS software as user needs to set the NTP server configuration in all camera individually.

So is it possible that VMS software can change the date & time details of the camera directly it self? Using this way we can also sync the date & time of the camera & VMS software. I am looking for this detail.

Setting the time and updating in the cameras is usually managed by the VMS as a standard feature. This is a feature of ONVIF as an example.

The article discusses how to make sure the source time is accurate which becomes a larger problem.

Which VMS are you using?

Setting NTP settings to sync the clocks should be part of the requirements when selecting an IP camera manufacturer. Better systems have a management utility that can push the setting out to all of your cameras in one easy button press.

If the cameras you have does not have such software, if you have access to the API, you can write a CGI command script, using WGET for example to push out the necessary command to all cameras at one time.


To set the date & time details in camera from VMS, API files of the cameras are required every time? Can we do the same when camera is added as ONVIF in VMS?

Which VMS?