$100 Electric Access Control Kit

Low cost video gear is a mainstream, and becoming more common all the time. What do you think about cheap access control, like this $100 kit from Amazon?:

For less than one hundred dollars, you buy all the gear to wire up a door for 500 users with PIN or RFID fob access. It even comes with a maglock (although no REX PIR and the pushbutton is really sketchy...)

There's no management interface, there's no telling how reliable these components are, and it doesn't have shining reviews, i.e.,

"The product was delivered as described. BUT, both the access panel and the power unit had separate wiring diagrams - neither of which worked when used in conjunction with the other."

So does anyone have experience with really low-cost systems? What do you think: dangerous, dumb, or the way of the future?

That is a little scary. I would not trust this with a maglock. Maybe a strike and keep my keys handy. I definitely wouldnt sell it to someone I liked lol.

Surely it meets U.L. and FM listings?

This is closing in on production effectiveness and capability of making such technology more common, most likely from China I assume.

IF it claimed it has UL & FM standards, I would still not bet on it, instead I would buy it & test it first in a real usage at the office or somewhere where people really using it just to know how reliable this is and then when selling to customer will have a good idea of its limitation...then off course it has to come with disclosure/limited warranty highlighted IF the product is not as reliable or in this case even though it's reliable as it's pretty darn cheap.

I've never used this item, I happened to see it by a customer, they use it to access an Elavator. The super installed it HIMSELF and it's been working for years.

are the RFID tags safe, are they clonable.

For $100, there really isnt much to complain about.