This Is The Most Important Person In The Security Industry

His name is Bob Forsyth, MD of Mitie Security.

Mitie is a UK outsourcing firm that provides security guard services.

He was selected by IFSEC as the 2014 Most Important Person in the Security Industry.


Never heard of him. He can't be that important.

I understand the draw of using terms like 'most' and 'important' to draw readers / views, etc.

But doing it like IFSEC has done has to harm credibility.

Well, why not? I'm not very well versed in the European security scene, but a few minutes googling reveals that he's grown and attempted to modernize security services offered by his company. Guy seems like a thinker, too. Most Important Person in the Security Industry, GB Division doesn't seem out of bounds. Even if he isn't Most Important, he is Pretty Darn Important, yes/no?

Who would you have picked?

One, this is not 'GB Division', this is unqualified the world.

Also, it's not important, it's influential. What influence has he had?

I think it's way too subjective / vague to even attempt such rankings.

If the criteria is overly vague, then their selection can hardly be wrong, can it?

But enough devil's advocacy. I agree that this is kind of stupid.

Headlines, headlines, headlines...

I'm not sure "Most Influential" is something I would vote for either but I would definitely avoid "Most Important". I know it's a bit of a quibble over semantics but "Most Important" has completely different connotations.

"The most important person in the industry." What an absurdly subjective thing to proclaim. I could go on a rant but I'll just say that one answer which c


Isn't this the same organization that picked Bruce Schneier?

Rodney, IFSEC picked him last year (#9) and Schneier criticized them in response.

I would have picked the Customer.

Although undeniably true and worth acknowledging, it is merely question begging, for how does the unchanging fact of the Customer being at the top, imply that there is no runner-up? As in:

  1. Customer
  2. Bob Forsyth
  3. ???

I think the choice of 'customer' as #1 is an aspirational statement, not a ranking.

Also, the 'customer' is a category, not an individual.

If we are talking about categories now, then the most 'influential' category is certainly manufacturers as their marketing / sales budgets have a huge impact on what people consider / buy, etc.

Also, the 'customer' is a category, not an individual.

This is true, but journalistically such devices are common enough, for instance Time Magazine's 'Person of the Year' has had several similar aggregations (American Women, The Whistleblowers, You).

the most 'influential' category is certainly manufacturers...

Certainly influential, although not infallible, witness the lackluster response of the supposedly mindless Customer to 3D TV, despite enourmous brainwashing bucks being allocated.

So, then why not Engineers? It's nice to have a real innovation to start with, it makes it so much easier to over-hype, agreed?


Why not sales people? Or CEOs?

What about their influence?

At this level of abstraction, I think it's more ego stroking than a useful analysis.

A question like who's the most influential person in the US retail market for selling PoS system is likely more meaningful and answerable in a concrete form.

I'd like to nominate Crime and Insurance Fraud as Most Important.

That' right! I was Time's Person of the Year once. Crazy.

My iPhone sent my last reply before I was done. I was going to say THE CUSTOMER IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON.

Nominations for 2015 are now open.

I nominate whomever is the mid-level manager at Canon coordinating the Axis / Milestone deals.

John - I thought you were simply going to link to your LinkedIn profile :)

I just nominated JH. Inspiring debate ;)

Sigh, make your vote count. Nominate a Welsh technician or a Scottish RSM.

John has good odds on extending his undefeated streak in industry influence contests. On the other hand, Bob Forsyth has not been idle since winning last year, and is just looking as important as ever...

It is important to disclose that Undisclosed C is Bob Forsyth's Campaign Manager....