This Is An Interesting Idea - Create Visual Moat Of Cameras

Is there a solution for this guy?

"I've been tinkering around with the idea of creating a sort of visual moat using 8 outdoor security cameras. My house is a perfect rectangle, and I had a thought of mounting 2 cameras per side just under the roof line, pointing down, to get 100% visual coverage of the property all the way around. I would then take all feeds and with a custom interface"

**I work for DVTEL (now FLIR)**

DVTEL has a proprietary, patent pending feature called SceneTracker that stitches the scenes from overlapping cameras into one big scene.

The header on the linked page describes the software's capability to "See 8 camera views into 1 single image".

Troubled phrasing aside, this might work for that dudes 'moat'.

That's cool! I always wondered how well that stitching worked.

Couple of observations:

1. He's all moat, and no castle (the center tile of home automation)

2. This works when best when the camera views are pointed straight down. Then you are assembling a 2d map. To the degree that they are looking out, the overall coherency of the picture will be lost.

Number one has a few solutions, number two fewer.

*Congrats on the new gig (and acquisition)!

Here's how to stitch two scenes together using SceneTracker: