This Hikvision OEM Has The Best Tagline Ever

(Source: Newegg Page)

I think the people at LaView may have an inferiority complex, or maybe they just don't realize just how bad this market 'thinks' an OEM rebranding company can be...

Just tell people you're a really passionate Metallica fan.

Short true story: 5 yrs ago I started to play 'go' online, and since I totally sucked, I chose the username "BetterThanYouThink" as a way to simultaneously assert some bravado and humility, as if to say "I'm bad, but I'm not that bad!". But I received the worst reaction from some people! It was about a year before I realized the reason why: the mobile version of the app displayed only the first 13 characters of the username. :(

ha! Mr. Wilson you are funny...and right!

Make a strength of your weaknesses instead of trying to pretend they aren't there.

  • Dahua - Laugh while you work, our documentation consistently rated most ridiculous!
  • Mobotix - Reduce bandwidth uncertaintity with MxJPEG
  • ONSSI - We won't lock you in to our own proprietary recording engine like others do!
  • Avigilon - Do you have what it takes to be one of the Few, Proud and the Brave?
  • Panasonic - Because No News is Good News!

This is a stub joke...

But is there a difference between acknowledging reality and drawing attention to weakness?

Big Ups to Ari.... that is exactly right, imo.

The inherent connotation with the wording in that tag line is: Everyone thinks we suck.

And there is nothing to counter that tacit admission that you know people think you suck.

If you are going to acknowledge that your brand has a 'perception deficiency' among buyers of the products you make, then you have to go beyond simple acknowledgement.... you have to at least attempt to show that this 'perception' is wrong/no longer valid.

Contrast the LaView/Brovision/LTS message with Buicks new ad campaign:

Take A Fresh Look At Buick... It Just Might Surprise You

That's good stuff right there... :)

Never, ever apologize for what you are. Make a strength of your weaknesses instead of trying to pretend they aren't there.

I have no knowledge of or experience with this company, but I can say that tagline inspires me to look in to them about as much as the old tried and true "We specialize in everything."