This CEO Is "Totally Committed To The Channel, But At The Same Time “Everything Is Going DIY.”

Adding that his company:

plans to make the device so easy to install that “locksmiths and maintenance people will be able to install the devices in addition to security dealers.”

Integrators, friend or foe?

Man, he has a low opinion of locksmiths...

To the original point, I think it is fairly bold for an access control CEO to say 'everything is going DIY'.

I agree with him in the verticals his product is competing in (residential and small office), but for heavy duty commercial/ industrial, institutional, and high-security, access control dealers aren't going away anytime soon.

As long as a security manager can simply pick up a phone to roll a truck, cut a PO against a certain account, and gripe to someone else when something breaks or isn't fixed to expectation, security integrators will be used.

It's not just a matter of complexity, it's a matter of resource allocation.