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Testing Camera But Getting Different Results, Same Settings


Are you doing the third party test?

We are testing two brands of cameras, we did our test and got the results, our client did the same test and got different results while we are both using the same parameters/setting (FPS, Bandwidth, WDR ...etc) we need a third party to do this test, can you do that? if not, can you suggest any third party?


What specific camera make / model are you using?

Are the tests being done in the exact same spot / time? For example, if you and I test the same model camera in two different places, we are quite likely going to have different image quality and bandwidth, because these aspected depend on what is being captured.

Hi John:

We are testing Sony SNC-VN600B Gen 6 and Axis 3384, we are testing the bandwidth for cameras upon some enabled feature such as WDR.

Before going in details. please advise if you can do it and what's the cost.


Before any third party tests anything, you need to determine how your existing 2 tests have been done differently. The root of the diverging results most certainly comes from differences in settings / scenes used.

Having a 3rd party do yet another (loosely specified) test is likely to get further diverging results.

Please before you do any more testing, determine the differences in settings / scenes used.

If you can figure this out first send us the two models and we will do the test for free.