Theft: Concerned About Packages Being Stolen From Your Front Door?

Some people have mentioned a motivating factor for using doorbell cameras is the fear / risk of packages being stolen from your front door.

I have never been concerned about this so I am not sure if I am outlier here or if most are concerned about this.

Poll below:

This is an real issue here in Toledo, Ohio. I haven't had this issue myself personally, but know first hand a few people who have had packages taken from their porch. One friend has a screened front porch with a door. The package was left inside the screened door. It was a $10 item from Amazon, so it wasn't a big deal, but none the less made them insist that UPS never leaves packages unattended.

I live in what my family thinks is "the hood" and have never had a package stolen off the porch. It's not actually a bad neighborhood but there are generally a lot of high school kids walking to/from school.

FedEx, however, won't deliver to me if there's nothing on the porch for them to hide it behind. UPS doesn't care. USPS doesn't ever even try to hide it.

Nice multi-camera footage of a package pirate met by a homeowner turned vigilante.

He wasn't taking any chances on trying to pull a plate off the video.


Nice find, daring move, though great way to get shot in the stomach for a ~$30 package.

How about, write down license plate, give to cops?

Or upgrade to 4MP.

btw, did you know UPS now offers free same day pickup to FedEx customers?

I don't know if 4MP would have been enough with the AOV given

Maybe, though. What's the width of the scene at the plate, 50 maybe 55 feet? 4MP would give you > 40 PPF.

Yeah, it's not straight on. On the other hand you would have 40 frames to pick up all the numbers.

Not only was that extremely dangerous by the homeowner - he actually committed theft himself by stealing that ladies purse. Not good - he's lucky she didn't file a complaint and get arrested himself for clearly committing theft in front of his own cameras.

He's lucky she didn't file a complaint...

Not really, filing a complaint would have meant placing the driver at the scene of the crime (since how would she know where and when and by whom it was stolen). That makes the prosecution's job easier since no line-up or video review is necessary.

...he actually committed theft himself...

No, theft requires the "intent to permanently deprive someone of property." Findlaw

His intention was only to identify the theif, and so he handed the purse over to the police.

at home I have never been concerned about it... at the office I have more reason to be concerned because of the high dollar value items but I am not in the least bit concerned... then again there is surveillance all around the place...

Evidently, the common term being used in the US to describe these thieves is 'porch pirate', just stumbled across this editing a post.

I've always preferred 'package pirate', emphasizing the loot over the locale.