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The Zeecure Show - IPVM Competition?

I found a set of videos entitled "The Zeecure Show". The host (Colin Bodbyl) is well spoken and entertaining to watch. The content is actually quite good, his reviews include what he likes and dislikes about particular products from an installers point of view. I think IPVM is much more technical (and thus valuable), but there may be something to learn from his dynamic video presentations.

Aaron, Colin now videoblogs for IFSECGlobal a few times a month (example), with the same basic format.

I like the production quality and think it's great marketing for manufacturers. However, as you say the technical depth is limited and the 'dislikes' section is typically very tame.

While I do think presentation is important, our focus is investing in more engineers to do more field testing on more products. Btw, we'll have an update on this next month :)

Actually, I don't see this at all as a competitor to IVPM. I appreciate someone researching this stuff so I don't have to. I like manufactuer's videos, but I don't want to spend the time needed to wade though the wide, wide, web to figure out who's producing them. I also thought the ideas about the hold up switch we're pretty cool (and I teach the stuff).

Cudos to Colin!