The WRONG Way To Link

It's great that so many of you comment and share links to products, technologies, articles, etc.

There is one common problem with linking.

A lot of commenters link like this:

This wastes space, disrupts the flow of the comment and looks ugly.

Instead do: XYZ model. You type in the text ('XYZ Model'), then highlight it and then click the paperclick button at the top right of the editor.

You then get an overlay, type in the URL and click OK, like so:

You can also right click to insert a link or opt for CTRL+K.

Thanks. CTRL + K is very fast, if you can remember it. Now that I do, I use it all the time.

Evidently, that the same command in Word.

It works in a lot of programs, actually. I believe it also works in GMail/Google Docs, which is where I got used to using it. It's my favorite upgrade in this version of the editor so far.