Is This "The Safest School In America"?

They are calling it a 'secret weapon' against intruders in schools: fog machines.

One school in Indiana is testing a number of security systems integrated together it boasts make it "The Safest School in America".

The system is composed of LEO monitored video surveillance, door lockdown fobs, 'bullet resistent' doors, and drills that evacuate students away from doors.

The video piece below demos the system named Net Talon. Details about the equipment being used are thin, but the reporter does say the system cost $400,000. In the clip below, a national morning news reporter is playing 'active shooter':

We have discussed fog defenses before, ie: Does Anyone Use Security Fog?

So what do you think? Is this genius or idiotic?

That's crazy!

Do first responders have some sort of smoke vision goggles or Terahertz cameras to let them see?

Wouldn't the smoke provoke a fire panic response in some students/teachers even if aware of the system?

$400,000 and they only get 1 FPS video? (@2:20 mark)

But calling yourself the "Safest School in America" takes the cake for lunacy...

how would the cameras see anything if the smoke/fog was blocking the view?

1FPS? that is almost worthless at any resolultion.

dont worry though its only tax dollars........

I was surprised to hear the principal/administrator say her #1 job isn't education, 'but keeping students safe first'.

this schools has a secret weapon

it is a secret no more...

Those fog devices work much better in smaller environments. The chief problem is there are several states whose fire codes don't allow them. Police and Fire departments really dislike them. The criminals can't see, but also can't be seen.