The Rolls Royce Of Vmses?

Is anyone familiar with this VMS sold by Rolls Royce, apparently heavily customized for the nuclear industry? I can't place it from the interface, maybe it was developed in house?

In any event, this is interesting. Basically a standalone, portable control room.


Looks very much like Security Centre / Omnicast made by Genetec.




Look under Integrations on the last page of the OP link.

Says Synergis Access Control Solutions (Genetec)

And uses IntelliVision analytics (which integrates with Genetec)

"Synergis IP access control solution" in product specs leads me to believe Genetec.

Agreed with all, Genetec, Thanks.

Now when I finally get around to putting in that Thorium reactor I'm always talking about, I know where to get the VMS.

Damn, I want one just for the cool factor!

Vigil VMS is cool :)

Damn, I want one just for the cool factor!


btw, the cool factor is adjustable using cadmium rods, see "swimming pool" in top photo.