The Only Pie In The Sky Left To Ask For - Is The Hardware That Accelerates HEVC Work With This:

This looks like an end-all solution... cutting down the costs to market to people, and who knows, maybe there's a crypto-currency for those who want to compress their video retroactively without buying servers given that electricity becomes [more] expensive per kW the more kW you use per hour...

I do see the objection to the patenting companies of HEVC, despite my laissez faire stance on capitalism, in that CODECs are almost like patenting math; or for that matter, a crypto-standard.

Regardless, it WILL be exciting when the MB/s required for UHD x 30 FPS is a fraction of a spinning drives ability to buffer then play while re-buffering to record... which would nullify the necessity I feel towards SSD drives... which pay a smaller price for bi-directional traffic... as they don't have the head-bottleneck.

Anyway, while we're waiting for companies to even release products to consumers -- what products do you generally think of as "best quality" ?

Texas Industries?

Prey tell.

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