SPI Ultra Low Light Camera?

Check out this video by military camera manufacturer SPI, no published lux level, 1/4 moon nighttime.


Impressive! What's the price point?

No idea. Probably a lot. Til the boys in Shenzhen get a hold of it...

military camera manufacturer SPI

Are you sure they are a manufacturer?

Their LinkedIn company page lists 1-10 employees and claims "manufacturing, distributing and custom engineering solutions." It seems they are mostly distributing.

Their website is registered to Randall Kolchins, who lists his job as 'sales' and has been at SPI for 18 years.

And their logo includes a phone number, which would be a first for a real manufacturer.

This makes me skeptical overall but, even to start, it would be worthwhile to figure out who is the actual developer / manufacturer of this.

Impressive indeed. These are the types of improvements that are industry game changers IMHO.

Impressive if it really works like it was shown.

There's been various attempts and offerings for ultra low light video for years. FLIR used to have EMCCD, here's their 2010 marketing video for that:

There have been other EMCCD suppliers and alternative options in this space for years. For whatever reason, it has never broken through.

But I think we should maintain slightly more skepticism about a Las Vegas distributor's marketing video until we get more evidence / validation.

Also, assuming it's not straight-up doctored video, and regardless of who actually makes it, it beats the usual high resolution = poor low-light compromise, since it's a 10 MP sensor.

Again assuming they are not straight-up lying.