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Stun Gun Security Drone Demoed

Check out this story coming out of SXSW 2014 - A prototype security drone equipped with an 80,000 volt stun gun that can be 'authorized' by a human with a smart phone app.

This is fitting for the debacle that SXSW is....

That's sick. Fake?

Can't imagine the liability of that thing....

As long as you have done nothing wrong and have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear.

For the rest of us folk I recommend:

100,000v Electrostatic wristband. Clip 'em to foil tape on sole of boot.  Make sure and get a pair of them for alternate path redundancy. Smile as you discharge for effect...

As someone who has attended SXSW several times and has traveled to Austin frequently, it would be more useful if the drone came equipped with a can of Lysol and a jug of hand sanitizer.

"Keep Austin Weird"

I agree with the assessments above.... this thing would hardly be practical.

Anything that has to get close enough to shoot a dart could be pretty easily defeated.

Give me a trash can lid and a baseball bat and the result would be drone pieces scattered all over...

How many of you have flown multicopters?

I have friends that do and from the videos I have seen they would have no problem defeating Marty's "trash can lid and a baseball bat"

An absurd conversation has just gotten more absurd.

Hint: this is a marketing exercise, not a real product.

Agreeded "Stun Gun Security Drone" is a joke

But using drones to investagate issues on property while streaming video back is definitely possible.

Have flown in them and have seen what you can do with them and even Captain America, let alone Major Marty, even equipped with his shiny stainless steel shield and his trusty Louisville would have his work cut out for him, no disrespect to you Cap. or Marty, sirs.

Or maybe you was referring to the 'flying' of plastic hobby radio whirlies, I played around with that with my grandkids, its a good time, but it ain't flying son.

Alex, Jim is right about the multi-rotissierie damage, I witnessed it on the first hand when Capt. America was in kind enough to pay to us a visit, during operation Noble Anvil...