The Craziest Giveaway Of ISC West 2018 - ISS Deck Of Cards

Most exhibitors go for standard giveaways - bags, lanyards, pens, etc. Not VMS / video analytics developer ISS.

Instead, ISS gave away a limited number of decks of cards:

What made it so crazy was that they customized the deck of the cards for the industry, such as the Hikvision / IPVM card:

Ouch, literally...

And evidently the Kings of the industry are two execs dumped by their previous companies - Schafer and Hebert:

Related, Schafer is now pedaling consulting services, if you are interested in running your company into the ground.

Axis was also featured, emphasizing their Canon ownership:

ISS did get one straight wrong:

Fu is actually the founder of Dahua, blood rival of Chinese government-owned Hikvison.

Chen Zongnian is actually the Chairman of Hikvision and now PRC Congress deputy:

What do you think?

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