The Best Distributors In Middle East

I want the best distributors specializing security systems in Middle East and in particular Dubai

I do not have direct knowledge of Middle East distributors but a contact recommended Harco Group. I'll also email you 2 specific people, including 1 in Dubai to speak with.

Which country? any specific product? Axis are well established in the Middle East and have a list of distributors on their website.

If you are in Egypt please contact us. Quantum Egypt.

Btw, a member emailed us yesterday asking for Axis distributors in the Middle East. For the record:

Anixter Middle East

+971 4 8067100

Contact Person : Sanjay Phatak

Network Information Technology.

0971 4 2822522

Contact person : Sajesh Kundathil

Local stock is held in Dubai.

Aladawy Group - 01099782228