That Time Again! Vote For The Most Influential Person In Security And Fire 2016

I can't recall who we were going to try to nominate this year. I know John hates getting votes so seems like we were going to get someone else. Someone that really, really shouldn't be on the list would be the most fun since it doesn't really take any skills or even any knowledge of the Security or Fire industry so it could be anyone. Any ideas?



"Mr. Trump, through his numerous access control investments, has pushed the industry to innovate at a never before seen level. As he continues to invest in more IT companies and tech start ups (IE his Trump Security brand) he will push the industry even further. His initial ideas of cloud storage, edge recording and wireless points changed the industry."

Just nominated him!


I sent him an invite to the site, in case he wants some background on the industry.

Though I'm confident he can pull it off without.

Ross, bad news, the officials at IFSEC have denied the nomination to the Donald.

Trump, undeterred, says that he will "now focus his efforts on winning the GOP nomination".

Horrible decision on their part. I am sure Trump will hold a press conference and denounce them as a joke of a publication and call them idiots.

OK so now I am going to get in and nominate Brian Karas, Brian Rhodes and Ari!

I nominate Deez Nuts

No need to split the vote, Ross. I nominated you!

You know what to do...

Now we have competing awards!!! Nomination for Security Magazine's "Most Influential People in Security." All to sell more ad space!

Security Magazines' one has been around for years and is end users only, so at least it is more specific than IFSEC's one.

My security software blocks me from downloading or opening their nomination form. So I can't nominate you John! I know you will be disappointed....

The ex-chair of ONVIF is actually campaigning for votes:

From Samsung Techwin?

Never heard of them ;)