Test Yourself - Video Surveillance Current Events Quiz 2016

Take the 10 question video surveillance current events 2016 quiz now.

You get a 100%, you get bragging rights....

EzPz :)

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Yes, nice work #1, I'll promote your crossword in the next newsletter.

Ouch, 90%...

For some reason I never realized that Eagle Eye is actually a company, not AVTECH's mobile app... but this is actually Eagle Eyes

(I work for Eagle Eye)

Boris -

Don't feel bad, you're not the only one. We get quite a few support calls each week looking for the Eagle Eyes app. In fact, we have an auto response in our Tech Support system for that exact question. Sometimes it takes a bit of convincing on our part that we're a different company.

You will just have to take my word for it. How did Miley Cyrus become a question?


I think my 100% means I read IPVM too much. Thanks for covering our industry without all the sponsored content!

I only got 90%... because the correct answer to Canons valuation of Axis was so dumb I couldn't believe it was the right answer. ;)

Looks like other companies money are the least interesting thing. Smallest % are on questions on Axis valuation and Hikvision financing

"other companies money are the least interesting thing"

It's more likely that it's harder to recall specific dollar figures than it is names of companies.

You should put "Excessive" instead of the right answer and I am sure there would be 100% right answers

Btw, sent this out to non-members yesterday.

Member average score: ~70%

Non-member average score: ~35%