Test Your Surveillance Current Event Knowledge Winter 2014

We are rolling out a new feature of IPVM and here's a sneak peak (at part of it).

Go ahead and test your video surveillance current event knowledge with our 11 question quiz.

Let us know how you did and what you thought.

Shortly, we will be rolling out functionality where you can assign quizzes (on many topics) to your co-workers so you can see and encourage them to stay informed.

Wow, I did terrible. Informative

54.55%, blah. Apparently I need to spend more time at work reading the intrawebs. Overall cool idea, it could be a nice refresher from time to time. What other topics did you have in mind? This one seemed like it would be aimed at business owner or marketing type. I could see where this could be helpful for us. We don't deal with CCTV on every project we handle so this would be a good tool to keep skills up.

We can do lots of different quizzes - from technology topics (lenses or VSaaS or analytics) to installation (camera install best practices) to designing systems to quoting, etc., etc.

The goal is to build a broad array of quizzes that can help reinforce our reports and training as well as encourage people to learn more.

Heading into the bosses office right now with the proof that I need to spend more time surfing the net and less time in front of clients...thanks John!

Ha! I am not sure that is going to do overall well ;)

Michael Budalich's Results for: Winter 2014 Video Surveillance Current Events Test

Your Score: 72.73%

Not as good as I was hoping. oh well.

63.64%. Not the worst here...

44 63 people have taken it so far, with an average score of 61.9%. No one got a 100%, but a few of you only got one wrong.

That said, I wouldn't take the score too seriously unless your job is literally 'video surveillance current events tracker' :)

It's mainly meant as a fun / interactive way to stay up date on things going on in the industry.

Tied with Mr. Erenthal, although I feel a little hornswoggled! Since I'm still a little green, I was over in that Axis section brushing up, and I swear it said Axis was probably the largest global manufacturer of vid. sur. in the world. Probably not no more.

Jim, that question is an interesting one because by 'revenue' Hikvision clearly does more but it's since so heavily based on Chinese mega projects that it's hard to compare to Axis which is much more of a broad based supplier to the rest of the word.

45% ouch...

worst than that, Keefe..double ouch.

Here's breakdowns for the most and least answered correctly questions:

Almost everyone got: Which camera company released an IP door controller?

But less than a third of you got the correct answer to this: Which company was punished by the US government for security flaws?

Also, most of you could not correctly pick the name of the VSaaS company that Panasonic acquired.

90.9% right here....missed the Avigilon question

Score: 90.91%

I guess good for now :)

I just received the following error when I clicked the link:

translation missing: en.surveyor.quiz_too_many

I couldn't access this 11 quesiton quiz at the moment. What should I do? T.T

I got this:

translation missing: en.surveyor.quiz_too_many

translation missing: en.surveyor.quiz_too_many

Due to this, I couln't take the quiz unfortunately. T.T

I wanna take this quiz later for sure.

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this is the message I get with the link to take the quiz.

I tried to take the test, but got this message instead.

translation missing: en.surveyor.quiz_too_many

Will try again later.

Sorry everyone! Try now - http://ipvm.com/take/winter-2014-video-surveillance-current-events-test

It should work. Let me know please.

72.73% Isn't it too bad? Too difficult for me.

Okay that was fun & informative. I'm not proud of my score - 54.55% - but now that I know I have to actually "remember" what I read :), I think next round will be better.

not bad for someone not in the US market..72.73%... I stumbled on 3 really US centric questions. Is that a pass at least?

Yes, you are now officially IPVM Certified in "Video Surveillance Current Events 2014" - just kidding!

Btw, the Panasonic deal was done in Europe, not the US.

Excellent John thanks :) that means I must read and digest all things IPVM...or I'm good at guessing...