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Test Plan For A Panasonic WJ-ND-400 Video Recorder

Does anyone have a test plan for the above recorder? I must submit a test plan for the recorder WJ-ND400 on a project to prove it performs as specified. This is for a city agency. They specify a component and I must prove it meets their specification. I dont really get that part of it, but I have to do it.

thanks all


Todd, we do not plan to test it. One, we generally do not test camera manufacturer recorders unless there is something extremely different about it. Two, the WJ-ND-400 is a really old model (according to Panasonic, it's the best of 2009!).

Thank you John, I was not asking for a new plan. I have a project that has this recorder specified and the MTA wants a test plan for me to prove the recorder they specified meets their expectations.

I was hoping someone created a test plan in the past for another project that I could plagiarize.


What do they want you to test? All the specifications on the datasheet? That the user manual correctly described the user interface capabilities? What are there expectations? Because there are a lot of things one could hypothetically test.

Test power coming into the box, From how to power up the unit, describe the LEDS and what one should expect. Review the resolution, frame rate bandwith, camera settings. Prove it all does as they expect.

They nit pick. I have to prove it does all of the specification requirements as specified and note any points of failure.

I am told it should be a test plan a 5 year old can understand.

For something like this, what I have seen in the past is the tester goes down the list of specifications from the data sheet and tests each one. Here's the unit's data sheet.

For example, spec sheet says, "MPEG-4 and JPEG multi format" support. Test if video is being recorded as MPEG-4 and JPEG.

Spec sheet says, "Up to 64 network cameras can be connected without extra license fee and their images can be recorded simultaneously" Test if 64 cameras can be connected and that all are being recorded.

Etc., etc.

Since this is an antique, I am not sure what such a test does but I suspect this would meet their need.

Thanks for your input.


The way kids are with technology, you could probably write a doctoral thesis on the thing and a 5-year-old would understand it.

What they're probably ACTUALLY looking for is a test plan that a 75 year old could understand.

(Yeah, I'm kidding... maybe... not very much...)

Have you tried the local Rep Firm that handles Panasonic? Not sure they have anything like this but they may be able to help.