Terrible Or Terrific? Police Captain Ferguson To Keynote ISC West

Who do middle age, gun carrying, white men want to see?

According to the folks at SIA, it is, and will be:

"Captain Greg Smith of the Missouri Highway Patrol as he shares his experiences during the Ferguson events."

Learn why security technology is critical in the Public Safety industry and how Public Safety officials are protecting themselves in these scenarios."

What do you think? Is it a great fit? Is it in poor taste? Is it too soon? Is it timely?


Well, I fit into that "Middle-aged, gun carrying, white men" crowd, and I just shake my head.

This is the ISCWest Keynote version of clickbait.

John makes "middle age, gun carrying, white men" sound like a bad thing... :)

But yes, the "optics" are bad.

I feel like they just picked an event that resonated with a lot of people in America. After which, they found the best possible first-person perspective they could to speak on it. I don't feel it is a creative choice by the SIA and is essentially taking the path of least resistance.

two out of three ain't bad but I could still care less...

Great way to save on appearance fees.

Yikes! Very poor choice. Way too soon, and the deaths keep coming. If I were an attendee, I would boycott that keynote.

Heard during the ISC West planning session - "I think we got ourselves a better keynote speaker than ASIS?"

Damn. I was hoping for Paul Blart...

That's twice Colin Powell's rate! On the other hand Cpt. Greg Smith probably is only getting free admission plus a couple of Food Court Vouchers.

Actually, with the movie being released on April 17, (which is set in Las Vegas!), I wouldn't be surprised if Columbia would do it as a gag promotion.

One minor Blartonian advantage, no podium required!

I think opening up dialog is good, but the choice is risky indeed. I too was wishing for some Blartonian pearls of wisdom.

Not that I don't want to hear what he has to say, but the optics of this are just terrible.

That said, I certainly want to hear what the security industry's response to civil unrest should be, because Ferguson won't be the last one.

If Al Sharpton finds out, there will be a protest at ISC.

Related: 2 Officers are Shot Outside Ferguson Police Station.

Does this make the keynote more timely or more awkward?

For the people who thought this was a good idea, it makes it more timely, and for the people who think it's a terrible idea, it makes it more akward.

At this point, perhaps he should stay where he is needed...

It depends on what the message is.

The report on Ferguson is a must read. Where is the captain on that? an insiders view or a rebuttal?