Temperature Sensor To Display On VMS Like A Camera

I am looking to be able to monitor the temperature in server rooms via the VMS. Is there anything out there that can digitally display the room temperature on a video panel like a camera? Ideally I would like to be able to send alerts of the temp got too high as well.

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Do you already have a software for temperature control which shows the temperature in some sort of GUI?

We have nothing in place at the moment. We have a large Exacqvision system in place and the customer wants to visually monitor the temps in the IT room and other places throughout the facility via the VMS.

I don´t know about ExacqVision, but have you checked with them if they have any kind of integration that would allow you to do that?

I´m not sure if the VMS itself would be capable of directly communicating to temperature sensors to show that on the screen.

The first thing that comes to my mind is what temperature sensors are you using..

I just did a quick search on google and found out this IP temperature sensor:

Apparently you can access it over the browser and check the temperature. With that in mind, if ExacqVision allows you to put a webpage instead of a camera inside a pane, then you could actually show the temperatures from all sensors, by accessing their status web page

Of course, that is a "poor´s man integration", a high-level integration would have the VMS integrated directly to those IP temperature sensors, but I´m not aware of any integration of that type in VMSes.

Eric, at this time there's no way to display a web page as a video panel in exacqVision.

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How about this from APC:

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Mobotix, add in temp on the video stream. Add a offset if using the internal sensor or add a external temp sensor. Also tcp trigger to VMS and or email to IT.

we use this setup with no issues :)

Disclaimer: I am the product manager for exacqVision.

exacqVision can receive, record, and display textual data on top of camera views. We call this a "serial data" integration, even though you don't have to use a serial cable. exacqVision can listen on a TCP port for an incoming stream of plain text (like a generic printer)

I know of one case where FLIR cameras are used. Their thermal cameras can emit temperature information as a data stream, and then that data goes into exacqVision where it can be alarmed on or displayed in real-time on the camera view.

I'm assuming you just want air temperature from a significantly less expensive sensor than a thermal camera. I personally don't know what is out there to do that, but what you would be looking for is any type of device that can send temperature information over the network as an unencrypted stream of plain text.

The text stream, when overlayed on the camera simply scrolls incoming text. If the device has some flexibility on how the text is formatted, you can format it so that each temperature reading sent has enough carriage returns to essentially replace the last reading with the new one and keep the view of the camera clean.