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Telescopic Masts For Mobile Surveillance

Hi everyone!

I have been recommended to try these telescopic masts for a mobile surveillance test. My major concern is if they are stable enough to put a thermal camera there and run advanced VCA on it.

My previous tests with masts have shown that I need really stable mast to get any good results from the VCA, if the mast shakes then the VCA don’t work properly.

Anybody tried these (totalmasts)? I would like to get the camera up to between 5-6 meters (15-18 feet) depending on the situation.

More specifically the model CO 54

Any thoughts?

Do you have more information / better direct link to the CO 54 model? You've linked to a general brochure.

Their website is a mess, even using site search I can find no page or other references to that model.

Having a video analytic that has really good image stabilization will make all the difference. Many actually have none, some just 1% and others up to 20%.