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Telephone Entry System + IP Camera For Multi-Unit Housing?

What do you recommend for the following application:

  • telephone based intercom with master station at front door
  • no tenant stations. The tenant uses their phones to talk to the visitor and release the front door strike
  • video camera at the front door that the tenant can see with their iPhone, iPad, android device, or pc

We looked at the mobotix t24 but has several limitations and is not phone based. Limitations include:

  • No android app yet. Works with iPhone, iPad, and PC
  • Cannot signal a land line or basic cell phone.
  • Max 16 suites per t24. (If there were 48 suites you need to buy 3 systems at the front door)

You can find the system you want here. Doorking telephone intercom

I'm thinking more along the lines of the Linear AE100 or Kantech Telephone Entry System.

If someone recommends a solution, elaborate why it's a good fit or cite compelling details. An undisclosed recommendation leaves people wondering if it's manufacturer spam. We police that stuff out, but it is not a useful answer at face value.

So, with that, why Doorking?

I have experience with Linear's AE100, and the included camera was an analog board type. It performed pretty lousy in sub optimal weather and lighting, and the main keypad interface was kind of a pain to scroll through long call lists.

This was several years ago, and the unit may have been updated since, but we were at the point of looking for a replacement to the AE100 platform based on simple usability drawbacks.

We actually deployed the Linear AE100 and tied it into a dedicated analogue phone line. Tennant talks to visitor and releases the door. Works like a charm.

For the camera portion we deployed a Server with Avigilon Control Center VMS with Gateway License. 3MP WDR camera at the front door. The tennant iPhone, iPads, Androids, and PC all can access the camera (unlimited users). We can lock down the Playback function.

It's really two system working together and eliminates the old style channel modulators or open expensive voice systems.

An added benefit is that once the NVR is in place it's easy to add additional cameras.

The only downside of a single camera front door with Linear AE100 application is the $5000 price tag we are charging.

I'm trying to figure out if the solution we created already exists?

Here are some thoughts and solutions (we have implemented most of them in one way or another):

1) TCS complete solution. They sell complete intercom systems but they also have all the necessary accessories that integrate with simple phones or pbx or ip pbx, have an ios/windows client (not sure for android), and so on. They are of very high quality and can design the system for you.

2) Siedle. Siedle is again a very high end intercom solution company but they also have the accessories for integration. We have not tried this.

3) 2N have both analog and ip (sip) door stations. I would go with their sip solution (2n helios ip) and use Grandstream GXV3104 as the indoor station (can show the video as well). I will use a simple ATA adapter to integrate the standard phomes or go ip phones all together. We have deployed their ip helios solution with both Grandstream GXV3104 and Cisco SPA525 phones.

4) Holovision. They also have solutions for exactly what you need and they can design it for you. There is no client but they can use Panasonic IP cameras in the external station.

My though is that I would try to go for one system (i.e intercom with video) and not separate audio and video.

I'm sorry Brian I didn't know the rules. I have never installed Doorking but have seen them utilized everywhere. I have tied into their systems several times with our fire alarms. I am not a dealer or manufacturer for Doorking. From what the OP was describing, I did a little research and it looked like a good fit.

Actually I feel I have been trolled because 20 hours ago the OP is asking for our input. I, as well as others have given recommedations to the OP to look at. Then the OP states he has a solution and has implimented it. Who is trolling who?

Undisclosed, the way you made your first comment, i.e., "You can find the system you want here. Doorking telephone intercom" implied that you knew specifically but you gave no explanation, and then your follow up comment confirmed that you did not really know.

This does not seem an issue of trolling - either way. However, here are two general rules:

  • For those responding, please try to some color about why a solution would work.
  • For those asking (i.e., Virgil), please try to explain all key points up front (e.g., what you've already deployed).