Technician - Copper Allergy - Gloves?

One of our techs has a copper allergy and his fingers are getting pretty beat up. Does anyone know of gloves that can be used for wire stripping, twisting, etc.? I can't imagine latex or vinyl holding up for very long.

Poor guy. He's a great tech, and hasn't complained, but he has to be miserable.


I don't have this problem myself but I worked with an electrician who wore gloves all day. I never asked why. I assume you just got tired of small cuts and poking yourself with wires, etc., but maybe there was an allergy, who knows.

They used something like these gloves, which are intended for assembly line work. They're lsited as high dexterity, though obviously that's not some sort of standard term. They use similar materials (somewhat) in some of the better work gloves you'll see at the Home Depot/Lowes, but those always have coated fingers, which will reduce dexterity.

This is a good topic. I know a tech who wears a certain type of ladies Isotoner gloves, because they are thin enough to preserve dexterity but durable enough to not tear easily.

I have also seen techs wear these Mechanix Nitrile gloves for the same reason, although hands do sweat pretty bad in those things.

In the past I have done a lot of wiring. Both high and low voltage. The best gloves that I have used were my search gloves. These are cut resistant gloves used by law enforcement. The high quality ones are a snug, second skin fit with an almost natural feel. They work well buy can be a tad expensive.

It sounds like the tech may have Allergic Contact Dermatitis due to a hypersensitivity to copper.

He should consider getting checked out by a dermatologist, if he hasn't already. Avoidance of contact is the only known way to eliminate this reaction.

If he refuses to wear gloves there are some cortisone based creams and antihistamines that may be prescribed to reduce inflammation and itching.

I haven't really thought this through as much as I probably should before making a recommendation, but what about a pair of Cutters? They are gloves that football players wear. They are probably not very durable though.

Thanks for all of the recommendations. We're going to order 3 or 4 of these to see what works best for him.

As far as the suggestion to have him go to a determatologist, what do you think, I give these guys health insurance or something?!?! ;-) That's not true, we do provide health insurance. That is actually a good idea and may be something that he hasn't tried. I'll mention it to him.