Technical Information On HD-CVI 3.0

I can add more information regarding hd-cvi 3.0 because had gear in hands last week and put on o-scope... To make it simple: it is 1440p 25fps (2560x1440, 4Mpix, 16:9). No data compresion or any such technics. In compare with HD-CVI 2.0 it shifted horizotal frequency from 28,1kHz into 37,5kHz. "Colorburst" shifted from 37,8MHz into 68MHz. End of emitted spectrum shifted from 38MHz into 78MHz. I recommend to be passive components in structure ready for ~80MHz. This is for common coaxial equipment none problem. I have to note that I measure version for 50Hz part of world, I am quite sure that 60Hz world will have 30fps and frequency also will then be slightly shifted from my observations. There is none problem on long transmitions on able type RG59, we have immediately tested 300m segment and I am quite sure that promoted 500m can be exceeded at still acceptable quality without any additional active components. My feeling is that product is realy good and easy to improve analog HD instalations. Tested HCVR7104H-4M & HAC-HFW2401S.

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